Happy World Vegan Month

We’re hosting lots of sampling through World Vegan Month including one of our favourites…raw cacao vegan chocolate with no refined sugar.

The benefits of cacao are pretty amazing! Here are five of them:

1. Longevity: Cacao beans are packed with antioxidants, specifically phenolic phytochemicals and flavonoids. These protect our cells against the free radical damage that causes premature aging amongst other health conditions.

2. Brain Function: Cacao has the power to boost your mood and cognitive performance. It contains a flavonoid called epicatechin, which supports healthy cognition and brain function as we age. It also contains Anandamide, referred to as the “bliss molecule,” because of how happy it makes us feel.

3. Heart Health: The polyphenols called flavanols along with the procyanidins in cacao support healthy blood pressure, blood vessel flexibility, insulin levels, glucose production, and increase antioxidant capacity in the blood plasma – all of which contribute to a healthy heart.

4. Mineral-Rich: Raw cacao is an excellent source of magnesium, which is critical for proper formation and strength of our bones, calcium absorption, heart function, mood balance, sleep, muscle function, and digestion. It also offers a natural form of iron that our body can utilize easily as well as potassium, calcium, zinc, and copper. All of these support our immune system strength, energy, cardiovascular system, and skeletal system.

5. Beauty Boosting: The oil in cacao is not only delicious but can restore moisture to our hair and is an excellent topical skin moisturizer. Its antioxidants powerfully work against fine lines and wrinkles to turn back the hands of time.

Take a look in our ‘snacks’ products section in-store and online at https://www.mattas.co.uk for what’s new including cacao-inspired Christmas stock and Christmas present options.