Matta’s Team Focus

Meet our Joe and find out what makes him tick!

How long have you worked at Matta’s? Nearly a year now.

What do you enjoy about the job?Since turning vegan, I’ve found loads of new foods. I also really like the positive atmosphere of working at Matta’s.

What skills do you bring to the post? Commitment, hard work and a smile.

Why do you think Matta’s is so popular? It’s just such a big legacy behind the shop. There’s such a nice atmosphere in the shop and all the staff are so attentive and interested in helping people.

What products are in your favourite basket of Matta’s goods?Chocolate Oatly and Fry’s Family Meat-Free Chicken-Style nuggets.

What are your interests outside work? I’m a musician and play trumpet in a band called ‘Red Rum Club’ –

Who inspires you? Kevin Parker, the musician behind Tame Impala. He writes all the music and then tours it with a band. I really admire ambitious and creative people.

What are your plans for the next couple of years outside of work in terms of goals/ambitions? I’d like to tour the world with my band and maybe become a raw vegan.