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Aged and Fermented Soya Beans with Brown Rice

Genmai Miso has a delightful, rich flavour and is slightly sweeter than Muji Miso.  Brown Rice Miso is made with brown rice, koji, soya beans and sea salt.  Ideal for general use.

Sanchi Miso is authentic Japanese Soya Bean Paste which has been fermented using traditional methods and craftsmanship which are rare today in the food industry.

Each region of Japan has created its own characteristic miso using a different recipe and cereal grain.  Enjoy the unique flavour of each variety.

Use as a rich seasoning base for sauces, stews, dressings, spreads, dips and casseroles, and with noodles.

No artificial additives or preservatives.


Soya beans, brown rice, sea salt, water, koji seed.

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