Revealing Harry’s rock n roll lifestyle

He’s in a band, loves chocolate-coated strawberries and Fentiman’s cola and of course, works at Matta’s!

In the latest in our series highlighting the guys who help make the team tick at Matta’s, here’s a mini focus on our Harry (Jones).

How long have you worked at Matta’s?

I started working at Matta’s about 9 months ago now and can’t believe how quickly its gone!

What do you enjoy about the job?

There’s loads of cool things about working at Matta’s and I especially love learning about loads of different foods that I’ve never even heard about before! I’ve started to cook myself now too since working here and my mum’s really impressed!

What skills do you bring to the post?

I’ve definitely become a master at operating the till (!) and I just try and be a team player. Also, like I said earlier and if you call it a skill, I’ve got an expansive knowledge of food that I never had before and enjoy helping customers learn more about the different range of goods we sell

Why do you think Matta’s is so popular?

There’s just a really great atmosphere and vibe in the shop. My team are all really friendly and the Matta’s family are lovely people. The shop is just a boss place to be, to do your shopping and to work!

What products are in your favourite basket of Matta’s goods?

I love the chocolate-coated strawberries but I think I love them a little bit too much! The Fentiman’s cherry cola is also boss!

What are your interests outside work?

I’m really into my music. I’m currently playing bass in a band called Grazed which is going well at the minute. Guitar is probably my main passion and I also play piano too

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of people…my family and friends definitely inspire me and have got me to where i am today

What are your plans for the next couple of years outside of work in terms of goals/ambitions?

Right now I’m hopefully gonna spend a lot of time with my band as we might be getting a record deal so I’d love to see where that takes us and just play live as much as I can