Ahmad Tea London Infusions – Camomile & Honey Calm


This Camomile & Honey Calm Infusion pyramid teabag is our finest camomile blend. Golden honey adds its soothing blossomy sweetness to the soft, dried grass notes of camomile in this award-winning whole leaf infusion. Like bees buzzing around wild camomile flowers, dip into a moment of bliss with every sip.

Our Tea Masters use the finest ingredients to create this harmonious herbal tea blend. Large-cut camomile leaves are joined by silky vanilla and luxurious dried honey pieces that melt into every infusion. Underneath these comforting flavours, a touch of liquorice root and wild fennel add depth and a rounded sweetness. The light sunshine-yellow tea has a mellow flavour and a gorgeous wildflower and natural honey perfume.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, our pyramid bags bring connoisseur and convenience together. Busy tea lovers can now enjoy all the refined flavours of luxury herbal infusions, without the fuss. Our pyramid bags allow all the premium ingredients to circulate and fully infuse, giving you a proper cup of goodness. Watch as the colours are released into your cup, and breathe in the rich aromas. It’s the quickest way to enjoy your favourite premium herbal tea, giving you a calming, large-leaf camomile infusion in moments.

With camomile cherished the world over for its naturally soothing properties, you can enjoy a stress-free cuppa whenever you feel the need to take five with our premium Camomile & Honey Calm Infusion. As it’s naturally caffeine free, sip this sweet herbal tea for a little serenity before sleep.

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Contents:  15 whole leaf pyramids


Ingredients: Camomile, Liquorice root, Natural flavouring, Fennel, Vanilla

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